Danielle Frank — Learning From Failure and Cultivating Confidence

The I Have Cool Friends podcast, hosted by Samantha Peszek, is a show that sparks inspirational conversations with experts about business, wellness, and personal development.


Danielle Frank is the host of the Beauty Uncovered Podcast, your down-to-earth guide to all things related to beauty. Danielle is also a spokesperson for Olaplex and she joins the show to share her amazing journey to find happiness, confidence, and success. Today, Sam and Danielle get raw and vulnerable as Danielle opens up about how she overcame an abusive relationship in order to pursue the life she always dreamed about. Danielle talks about learning through failure and finding the courage to actualize her best and most authentic self. Sam and Danielle share their views on beauty and why confidence is a muscle that must be worked out regularly.


  • How Danielle overcame an abusive relationship, attended beauty school, and experienced an awakening that changed her life
  • The moment Danielle decided to stand up for herself
  • Danielle speaks to how the universe conspired to give her exactly what she needed
  • Learning from failure and actualizing who you really are
  • Why confidence is a muscle that must be flexed regularly
  • Danielle shares her views on true beauty
  • Something most people do not know about hair
  • Advice Danielle would give to her former self or someone who’s going through what she went through
  • Danielle answers some rapid-fire Friend Questions
  • Sam thanks Danielle for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can follow her


“Domestic abuse is not always physical. It can be mental. It can be emotional. And it can be financial.”

“Each time I have a failure — each time I have a challenge — if I learn something from it, the next time an opportunity comes up I’m going to see it and I’m going to know I need to go for it.”

“In many ways, saving yourself is also actualizing who you really are and taking chances and going for what you really want.”

“Confidence is a muscle that needs to be flexed regularly for it to be strong. If you’re not flexing it regularly and really training yourself to have confidence in who you are and what you do, you’re going to stall.”

“Imperfection is so beautiful.”

“I do genuinely believe that all women are beautiful in their own right if they are happy and they feel fulfilled. It shows in every pore of their body. So, it won’t matter if you have makeup on or you don’t.”


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