Jen Fraboni — The Mind-Body Connection

The I Have Cool Friends podcast, hosted by Samantha Peszek, is a show that sparks inspirational conversations with experts about business, wellness, and personal development.


Jen Fraboni is a physical therapist by trade and entrepreneur at heart. She’s the creator of the Mobility Method and co-host of the podcast, The Optimal Body, a show that provides the body tips and Physical Therapy (PT) Pearls you need to help you understand your body, relieve your pains and restrictions, and answers to your questions. Today, Sam and Jen talk about Jen’s multifaceted career as a physical therapist, content creator, podcaster, brand manager, and entrepreneur. Jen talks about her belief that pain, balance, and pursuing your passion are all an ongoing journey. She opens up about the importance of giving yourself grace and the power of visualization and positive thinking. Finally, Jen debunks common myths about physical therapy and the human body.


  • How Jen overcame Imposter Syndrome, followed her passion, and became an elite physical therapist and entrepreneur with a robust following
  • An educator first and foremost
  • The moment Jen decided to double down on her brand
  • Debunking the most common myths about the body and physical therapy
  • The importance of visualization and positive thinking
  • Jen’s definition of balance
  • Communicating with yourself and giving yourself grace
  • What Jen has learned about herself as an entrepreneur
  • Jen lists some of the people in her life that inspire her
  • Rapid fire friend questions
  • Where to follow Jen


“Whether I’m working with someone in person or if I’m educating someone online, my goal should remain the same. I’m educating them on how they can find the solution themselves. I’m just facilitating the pathway.”

“What we’re doing [as physical therapists] is communicating with the signals within our mind to tell our bodies something different.”

“The thoughts that we have in our brain really play a role in what we feel in the tissues. And that’s why I’m always talking to someone beyond just looking at what’s happening in their structure or their movement patterns. I’ve got to know what’s happening in their life because that plays a role in the pain that you feel.”

“There’s an ever-evolving awareness that we get to keep learning within our environment and our bodies. It is a journey. Pain is not bad, it’s just a signal that something has to change.”

“I think what’s brilliant about becoming and being an entrepreneur is the ability to learn how to adapt with stress and with life and let go of expectations. And that’s honestly one of my favorite parts about what I do.”


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