Jen Schroeder — Empowerment, Confidence, & Going For It

Samantha Peszek
3 min readSep 21, 2021

The I Have Cool Friends podcast, hosted by Samantha Peszek, is a show that sparks inspirational conversations with experts about business, wellness, and personal development.


In today’s episode, Sam is talking to fellow UCLA Bruin, Jen Schroeder. Jen is the founder of Jen Scho Catching and co-founder of The Packaged Deal, the number one softball clinic in the world. A softball player turned instructor, Jen empowers young female athletes to reach their competitive potential, build confidence, and connect to their best selves, on and off the field. Her mission is to develop and support girls as they pursue softball and grow into powerful athletes and women. Jen talks about her decision to leave a ‘safe’ career path to pursue her passion through entrepreneurship. They touch on the importance of building confidence and battling self-doubt. Jen talks about her latest project, The Packaged Deal, and why she chose to incorporate her friends and family members in her business. Finally, Jen speaks to how she balances all of her projects with being a new parent and provides advice for those who are looking to start their own entrepreneurial journey.


  • How softball player turned instructor, Jen Schroeder began empowering young female athletes to reach their competitive potential
  • The decision to give up on a ‘safe’ career as a lawyer to become an entrepreneur
  • What Jen would do differently if given the chance
  • No self-doubt, only confidence
  • A passion for developing confidence inherently in young women
  • The Packaged Deal
  • Mixing business with friends and family
  • A lesson in setting boundaries
  • Jen speaks to how she’s balancing every aspect of her business
  • Growing the company
  • What’s next for Jen Scho Catching
  • Balancing career goals with being a mom
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Sam thanks Jen for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can follow her


“For some reason, and this is a female characteristic, women like to withhold information from other women. They’re so gossipy but when it comes to sharing what they’ve learned it’s almost like they hold their cards very close to their body. And I don’t think that’s something that really happens with men in business.”

“I always felt like I was a life coach disguised as a softball coach. That I was really helping these girls be more confident in their own words and how they carried themselves, but I was helping them become better people, not just better athletes or better catchers. And that just inspired me to keep wanting to be in this space.”

“For some reason, in business, I didn’t think there was anyone who could do it better than me. If I gave one hundred percent to how I was going to do something, I couldn’t fail.”

“My theory is if you, as parents, encourage your children to speak for themselves at a young age — at seven years old, at six years old — then hopefully that inherently becomes who they are. And that will most definitely build confidence.”

“I think the scariest moments of my life has transitioned to the biggest moments of growth.”


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