Krista Williams — Almost Thirty

Samantha Peszek
3 min readDec 14, 2021

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Krista Williams is a motivational speaker and the co-host and co-founder of the Almost 30 podcast, a top-rated lifestyle podcast and media brand. Today’s episode is especially poignant and timely as Krista joins the show to tell Sam everything to expect as Sam prepares to turn thirty! Krista shares her personal and professional growth experiences and touches on everything from relationships and family to business and entrepreneurship. They discuss The Saturn Return and explain what it means for those transitioning from their late twenties into their early thirties. Sam gets as vulnerable and raw as she’s ever been on this episode, so you won’t want to miss this one!


  • How Krista Williams built a powerful brand by focusing on her individual experiences and making the best decisions for herself
  • The beauty of making mistakes
  • Apprehensions Krista had leading up to her 30th
  • Differences between living life in your twenties vs. your thirties
  • Krista’s awakening and following her heart
  • Why you can’t speed up the growth process
  • Lessons Krista has learned from the guests she’s invited on her show
  • The Saturn Return, explained
  • Krista’s favorite part of her career
  • Krista’s favorite guests she’s interviewed
  • The biggest business and life lessons Krista’s learned
  • Krista answers some rapid-fire Friend Questions
  • Sam thanks Krista for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can follow her


“When I found myself continually putting my energy in what’s next, I was never present for what’s here. And I think that’s where all the lessons are, that’s where all the goodness is and that’s really where we’re supposed to be which is in the here and now.”

“I want people to feel like their lives are worthwhile. And I think, for me, until I really figured out that my life was worthwhile and special and that I’m here for a reason, the mistakes felt more like self-destructive behaviors and more like self-sabotage than they do now.”

“I realized that, although it was really hard to listen to my heart, it was leading me on this path that was more exciting, more purposeful, more meaningful, and more unique to me than anything else.”

“We’re not the biggest podcast in the world, but I do believe we have the kindest, smartest, coolest community ever. And, I feel so grateful that we’ve nurtured amazing people like you [Sam].”

“A Saturn Return is when the planet Saturn is literally in the exact same position, Zodiac sign, House and Degree as when you were born. And so what happens during this time is because Saturn is the planet of maturity, of hard work, of accountability and, ultimately, adulthood, what is happening is you have to get really serious about who you are, where you’re going with your life, what your plans are and what legacy you want to leave in the world.”

“I think allowing yourself to evolve and grow is most important, and allowing relationships to fall to the wayside.”


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